Tales From The Borderlands PS3 free download full version

Tales From The Borderlands PS3 free download full version

Tales From The Borderlands PS3 free download full version
Tales From The Borderlands is an adventure- style game developed by Telltale Studio and released by the studio for the PS3 platform . Tales From The Borderlands is a five-part game set up by the creator of The Walking Dad series and The Wolf Among US. 
The story events are in Pandora and Borderlands 2. In this version of our game, we see an interesting and humorous story of two young adventurers trying to get to power. You play in the role of two characters called Rhys who are trying to reach Handsome Jack Baiy and another character of Fiona.
Other Description: 
The two main characters have started their adventure game and go to different areas and discover their secrets. In this way, they may be faced with bandits, gangsters and predators, some of which can be an obstacle in your way.
 The Tales From The Borderlands gameplay is like other games in the studio and is based on the decisions and choices you make during the game over the dialogues. The Pandora areas are very beautiful and very similar to the original versions of the title, which was previously published by the Gearbox.
Name of the game: Tales From The Borderlands
Platform: PS3
English language
Manufacturer: Telltale
Publisher: Telltale
Game style: Adventure
File ID: BLUS31586

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