Shrek 2 PS2 free download full version

Shrek 2 PS2 free download full version

Shrek 2 PS2 free download full version

Shrek 2 is a video game developed by Activision in 2004 for various platforms based on the movie of the same name . The story is quite similar to that of the original film. It will control characters in different scenarios such as Shrek, Puss Asnoy .
The story, told by the narrator somewhat Allister and another so exaggerated ass , then starts the moment Shrek and Fiona fell in love and got married, and while they honeymoon , leave the house in the care of Ass. Upon returning , Shrek and Fiona realize that Donkey has neglected the housework , plus forget to tell them that the invitations have come from the United Far, Far Away for the bridal dance. At this level, a guided Ass begins to teach the player controls such as move or jump start until post a ” Wanted” The Pied Piper of tutorial.
After starting lineup , Fiona sends for the carriage of onions to go far far away . Along the way, bandits robbed a wheel carriage and Shrek down to stop them. Once retrieved the wheel and clear the road of logs , all three arrive at their destination . Fiona ‘s parents are surprised to see that his son is an ogre , especially King Harold . Shrek and his father begin to have misgivings , putting Fiona sad . Fiona goes to a balcony to mourn , and the Fairy Godmother , who tells him that if he wants to be happy , you should marry her son, Prince Charming appears . But she refuses to be in love with Shrek. The Fairy then threatens to King Harold

Genre: Action / Adventure .
PLAYERS: 1/2 Players (Coop ) ..
PARTIES : 03 200MB – 122MB 1 .
FORMAT : ISO . ( 1,20GB ) ( DVD5 ) .

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