Payday 2 Xbox360 Free Download full version

Payday 2 XBOX360 Free Download full version(Region FREE) XGD2 (COMPLEX)

Payday 2 Xbox360 Free Download full version
Payday 2 XBOX360 Download Free  is a  game  of  Action is the sequel to PayDay: The Heist, an action videogame that puts us in the shoes of a team of robbers ready to burst some of the best protected vaults in the world.
PAYDAY 2 is an action-packed shooter, and up to four players that once again allows players to put on the mask of the PAYDAY crew as they descend in Washington DC for a series of epic crimes. 
The new CRIMENET network offers a wide range of dynamic contracts, and players have the freedom to choose anything small-time like robberies or kidnappings in major leagues cybercrime or empty large bank vaults. 
While in DC, why not participate in the local community, and run some political errands? the game has support for up to four friends in cooperative mode, and as the team moves forward, the jobs become bigger, better and more rewarding. 
Earn more money and become a legendary criminal as well as a new personalization of the characters and manufacturing system that allows teams to create and customize their own weapons and equipment.
Payday 2 XBOX 360 Download Free
Platform:  XBOX 360
Region:  Region FREE
Requires Firm LT + 2.0 or LT + 3.0  (DOES NOT REQUIRE PATCHING: biggrin:)
Language : Voices in ENGLISH With Texts (100% Checked)
Size:  7.68 GB – 1 DVD9 – ISO – XGD2
Number of Players:  1-4 (Cooperative: 2-4) does not have split screen option or offline multiplayer
Genre:  Action, First Person (FPS) (Modern)
Developer:  Overkill Software
Distributor:  505 Games
Recommended Age:  08 Years In Advance
All fully interchangeable links
Voices in ENGLISH With Texts ,Tested and Functional Verified!


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